Bug patch

I fixed some bugs like the bloody murder upgrade working when it shouldn't, made some balancing changes as well as made coins go towards you when you're near them.

-Made the AR-69 more accurate but deal less damage so its not just an upgraded shotgun once you get some attack speed.

-Made the underlying system more modular so updates are easier to create.

-Made the particles a little nicer by adding a little more detail to them.

-Slowmo now doubles accuracy of weapons, making it actually useful without upgrade.

-Fixed aiming being terrible.

-Fixed dash going towards the mouse/aiming direction.


-Splash text doesn't get animated when returning to main menu.

-Health goes past 100% when bloody murder is activated.

-Text starts glowing after 2 seconds.

--Future Updates--

-More perks, such as piercing bullets which lets bullets travel through enemies but deal half damage after, or Phoenix which knocks enemies away and restores you to 20% of max health when you are about to die. 

- Throwables, like a grenade, or a King of the Hill zone, where if you kill things within it you get double coins.

-Big boi shop, you get Gems at the end of each game based on how many waves you survived, these gems can be spent on new things that you get at the start of each game, or powers you can activate at any time like in BTD6.

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